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These User Guidelines are intended and deemed to be read and used in conjunction with our Privacy Policy. By using this Site or services, you’re deemed explicitly to accept these Guidelines and our Privacy Policy. Our team welcomes feedback, questions, and to support you on any aspects of our Site or services, by email at [email protected].

In Effect: 10 February 2020

Review Your Politician (referred to hereafter as ‘we’ or ‘our’ or ‘us’) User Guidelines (referred to hereafter as ‘Guidelines’) apply to any use of our Site by users. Reference to the term ‘users’ refers to any person(s) visiting or using the services on our Site, or connected third-party sites, in any way and will be referred hereafter as ‘you’ or ‘your’. The term ‘Site’ refers to and sub-domains provided by Review Your Politician.

The Site is provided by Review Your Politician registered at 160 Kemp House, City Road, London, EC1V 2NX.

These Guidelines are deemed and intended to be read and used in conjunction with our Privacy Policy (referred to hereafter as the ‘Policy’). By using this Site or services, you’re deemed explicitly to accept the Guidelines and Policy. If you do not accept these terms, you’re not permitted to use this Site or services, and we would kindly ask that you immediately cease from using our Site or services any further.

1. Age Restrictions

Our Site and services are not intended for persons under the age of 16 years old, and we do not expressly market to persons under the age of 16. Specifically, reviews submitted by persons under the age of 16 will not be permitted on our Site or services. If you’re not 16 years or over, we ask that you, please leave and do not submit any information to us, either directly or indirectly on this Site or services.

2. Privacy Rights

By accepting the terms in these Guidelines, you confirm that you have read and accepted the Privacy Policy.

Our Site and Services contain links to third-party websites. We accept no responsibility, and no liability, for information on third-party websites. You should consult the privacy policies on those websites, and any other information practices used by those companies.

4. Content Rights

4.1 Your use of our Site or services is deemed as acceptance of these Guidelines and deemed to grant us the worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free right and license to publish, display, reproduce, edit and amend any information, reviews or types of information which you’ve created, sent or transmitted on this Site or services. We may freely use and transfer this information in accordance with our Policy.

4.2 You’re liable exclusively for the content you submit or publish on this Site or services. You warrant that all content you submit to us is correct, true, is not unlawful, deceptive, misleading, fraudulent, abusive, harassing, libellous, defamatory, racist, sexist, does not violate another person(s) rights (personal or otherwise), and is not in contravention of any other laws in the UK or EU.

4.3 We reserve the exclusive right to delete any content on our Site or services should we believe, or receive notice, that the material may be in contravention of any terms in our Guidelines and reserve the right to do so without notice or explanation.

4.4 We reserve the right to initiate and take legal action which we consider necessary in the event of an infringement of our rights or information you’ve transferred, submitted or used on our Site or services. You agree to indemnify us for any claims in UK or EU law which may be made against us as a consequence of your violation of our terms. You must indemnify, compensate and hold us harmless for any claims or loss due to a third-party claim as a result of information or content submitted by you.

4.5 The Site and services we offer, including the technology, intellectual property and content published, are the exclusive property of Review Your Politician. Any feedback, suggestions or ideas communicated by you to us are free to be used by us without compensation, notice or acknowledgement.

4.6 Unauthorised copying, dissemination, or other similar use of elements on our Site or services is strictly prohibited, and we reserve the right to bring legal action against you.

4.7 Use of our logo, trademarks, graphics, Site content and other company elements on our Site or services by any other persons or third-party is prohibited and must only be used for personal or commercial purposes upon the explicit approval from us.

4.8 Your use of our Site or services must not be considered or deemed in any way as an approval or endorsement of you, your review, your work in elected office, your character, or in any other regard. You must not market yourself in any way that would give rise to a conflict of these terms. For the avoidance of doubt, an example of a prohibited action is, but not limited to, marketing that you’re endorsed or supported by Review Your Politician.

4.9 Your VoterScore, reviews and rankings must only be used as-is and not manipulated in any way that we deem to be misleading or manipulative.

5. Write your review

5.1 To write a review on our Site or services, you must comply with the requirements as set out in these Guidelines, providing to us your full name, telephone number, valid email address, postal address and postcode.

5.2 You can write a review on our Site on a politician that is in an elected office within the same postcode location where you could cast your vote in an election (national, local, or any other UK elections).

5.3 You may not write a review for a politician that is not in elected office in the postcode location in which you could cast your vote in an election (national, local, or any other UK elections).

5.4 You may not write a review on a politician if they are a family member, related to you, or that you work for, or previously employed by.

5.5 You may not write a review on a politician if you’re a competitor (term interpreted at our complete discretion) to the politician you wish to review, or if you’re a politician in office.

5.6 You should write your review in the first person and about your own experience or view. You should not write a review about another person(s) experience, or opinion, whether or not that other person(s) is a family member or friend.

5.7 You should write your review without reference to another politician, or reference to another politician that is a competitor to the politician being reviewed.

5.8 Your review must be specific and factual and submitted without inducement. You’re not permitted to write a review if you have been offered an incentive by a politician, or any other person(s), such as a gift, reward, monetary compensation or any additional advantage that could reasonably be construed by us as an inducement.

5.9 In the rare occasions where a politician holds multiple positions, such as being an MP and Councillor, you’re only permitted to submit the review relating to the politician’s performance in the specific locality in which you could vote in a UK election.

6. Verify your review

6.1 Your review must be verified by us before it is published on our Site or services.

6.2 Your review submission will be verified using email, SMS (text) message, or Facebook, or by any other means as we deem necessary to maintain the integrity of the content on our Site or services. Verification on Facebook may occur either by using Facebook Login or with a Facebook Like. Your email or Facebook information will be used in conjunction with the personal information submitted to us to verify the truthfulness of the review contents in their entirety, or partially.

6.3 If you fail to comply with our verification process (by any means as we deem necessary), your review will be banned from publication on our service, and we reserve the right to delete it from our system within 30 days following the first request to verify your review.

7. Edit your review

You may edit or update your review following publication on our Site by emailing [email protected].

8. Change your review

8.1 We do not, and will not, moderate a review submitted on our Site, before or after a review is published.

8.2 Should your review be reported or flagged by a politician, or any other person(s), you may be required to change your review if it is found that your review may not be in compliance with our Guidelines, or the spirit of our Guidelines (the term spirit interpreted at our exclusive discretion).

8.3 Factors taken into consideration when judging whether your review complies with our Guidelines includes, but is not limited to: 

  • your review contains language that could be viewed as rude, inflammatory, defamatory, libellous, or otherwise violates the spirit of our Guidelines;
  • your review contains aggressive language or language which could reasonably be construed as invoking violence, sexism or racism; 
  • your review contains the personal information, such as the name, email address and telephone number, or any other information, for other person(s) that could be used to identify or contact the others person(s).
9. Move your review

9.1 If we’re notified by any person(s), or have reason to believe, that the review submitted has been published on the wrong profile, we may ask you for further information on the politician you intended to review.

9.2 If you have reason to believe that your review has been published on the wrong profile, you should notify our team and request to move your review to another profile on our Site. We may ask you for additional evidence to process the request to move your review.

10. Remove your review

10.1 We reserve the right to remove reviews from our Site or services where we determine it contravenes these Guidelines or the spirit of these Guidelines (the term spirit interpreted at our exclusive discretion).

10.2 In particular, we may remove a review in the following circumstances:

  • you fail to change your review within 30 days after we’ve asked you to do so;
  • we ask you to provide further evidence in support of your review, for the verification process or otherwise, and you fail to provide the evidence requested within 30 days of our request;
  • your review appears to be fabricated or fake;
  • your review violates another person(s) privacy rights, or confidentiality;
  • your review is for malicious purposes, including being construed as being a review where you’re a competitor to the politician you’ve reviewed;
  • your work for, or have previously worked for, the politician you’ve reviewed;
  • you work for, or have previously worked for, a politician that is a competitor to the politician you’ve reviewed;
  • you’re a family member of the politician you’ve reviewed, or related to the politician in any way deemed by us to be against the spirit of these Guidelines;
  • you’ve submitted multiple reviews on a single politician, or multiple politician’s profiles, using different email addresses;
  • your email address used to submit your review is no longer in use, or if we believe a temporary email address has been used just to submit a review on our service;
  • we delete your personal information and data from our system, and any reviews associated with your user data on our Site or services.
11. Reply to review

11.1 We permit a politician to respond to a review submitted by you. A response to your review is only permitted by the politician who you’ve reviewed, and if that same politician you’ve reviewed has claimed their profile on our Site by way of a sign in or sign up or registration. No other person(s), be they a politician or otherwise, outside of Review Your Politician, and not the politician being reviewed, are permitted to submit a reply on our Site or services.

11.2 If you (i.e. politician) respond to a review, you agree that your response will not be:

  • unlawful, rude, offensive, deceptive, threatening, abusive, libellous, or defamatory;
  • sexist, racist, or any language that could be construed by us to invoke such sentiments;
  • violate another person’s privacy or legal rights in any way;
  • violate any laws of the UK or EU.

11.3 We reserve the exclusive right, and to our complete discretion to delete responses to reviews, and it is not conditional upon any criteria in the Guidelines being met, any violations, and we may do so without explanation.

12. Claim your profile

12.1 We grant you the revocable, non-exclusive and limited right to access and edit information on a profile page, should you claim your profile by way of a sign in or sign up or registration. In order to gain access to features on our Site, including the ability to edit your profile and respond to a review, you must claim your profile and register for our services, reimbursing Review Your Politician, at their discretion, for any associated fees or subscription payments necessary to claim a profile on our Site or services. Failure to pay any fees or subscription payments may result in the automatic termination of any services provided by us to you. By agreeing to any associated fees or subscription payments with us, you agree that such payments may be processed by us automatically, periodically and using the payment method provided by you. We must receive notice of cancellation of your account or subscription payment at least 72 hours before the effective date of renewal.

12.2 Your claimed profile cannot be transferred to or accessed by, any other persons without the explicit consent by us.

12.3 A username and password may be assigned to you by us during or following or outside of the registration process, and to be used for logging into the private access area of our Site. You’re not permitted to transfer or share the username or password to any other persons, and should you believe that your username or password have been transferred (intentionally or unintentionally) to other third parties, you’re obligated to immediately notify us and so that we can take steps to protect the integrity of our system and services for all users, and so that we can change the username or password for your continued use of our services.

12.4 If you wish to change your username or password, please contact [email protected].

12.5 We reserve the exclusive right, without notice, explanation and prejudice, to delete, suspend, or change any aspect of your profile or account with us in the event of a violation, or a suspected violation, of these Guidelines, or under any other circumstances as we deem appropriate.

12.6 We reserve the exclusive right to delete any content you’ve submitted, and any other content published on our Site or services.

13. Suspend your account

13.1 We may suspend your account if we believe you’re misusing our Site or services. This includes, but is not limited to, writing fake reviews, using threatening or abusive language, contravening these Guidelines, or excessively reporting or flagging reviews without reasonable justification.

13.2 If we suspend your account, you may be unable to reply to reviews, and use other features on our services, including flagging or reporting reviews. If your account has been suspended and you require assistance, please email [email protected].

14. Suspend or delete your profile

14.1 While in elected office, profiles for politicians cannot be deleted from our Site or services.


14.2 Our legal basis for processing your personal data is invoked in the form of legitimate interests as described in section 6(1)(f) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


14.3 We have a legitimate interest in providing users with an opportunity to engage with politicians.


14.4 Behind every review is an experience that matters. We allow users to have their voice heard on the issues that matter the most to them.


14.5 For users, we’re a place to empower them to share and discover reviews for their politicians. For politicians, we’re a platform to empower them to engage with users and towards electoral success.


14.6 We believe truth should be at the heart of politics. Our service gives users the tools to make informed voting decisions, and for politicians who want to engage with their voters authentically.


14.7 However, we reserve the right to suspend or delete a politician profile or a review if we believe there has been an infringement of these Guidelines or any other laws, or if the politician is no longer in elected office.


14.8 If you’re no longer in elected office, please email [email protected] with your request for suspension or removal. Our team may ask for additional evidence in support of your suspension or removal request.

15. Report/flag review

15.1 Politicians registered on our service and those users that have claimed their profile may report or flag a review if they believe a review contravenes our Guidelines or Policy, submitting sufficient evidence in support of the report or as requested by us.

15.2 We may consider the report or flag a review process as being misused if you carry out excessive unfounded or incorrect reports or flags for a review, regardless of whether the reviews are positive or negative, or if you’ve reported the same review multiple times and after it has already been reviewed by us as being in accordance with our review process and Guidelines.

16. Fake reviews

16.1 We take security, privacy and the verification process very seriously. Our dedicated team work hard to protect our service from fake reviews. We use a combination of technology and people to combat against fake reviews.

16.2 Every review is authenticated by our team, from day one. We verify all reviews using a voters email address, SMS (text) message, or via Facebook, or using any other methods as we deem necessary to protect the trust and integrity of our services.

16.3 Our custom anti-fake review system uses technology to automatically detect and flag suspicious reviews submitted, removing them from our Site and services.

16.4 We implement strict security policies to verify all reviews are from real people, while also respecting users right to privacy.

16.5 Profiles with reviews that have passed our verification process are marked with “Verified Review”.

16.6 Reviews found to be fake, false or fabricated, or similar, will be construed as being in material breach of our Guidelines and removed from our Site or services.

16.7 We reserve the right to notify, on a politicians profile, of cases where a large number of fake reviews have been submitted.

16.8 Have you claimed your profile and suspected a fake review? Notify our team at [email protected], with evidence in support of your claim.

17. Threats or illegal behaviour

17.1 We will not tolerate threats of violence, or aggression towards, our employees, associates or freelancers.

17.2 We will not accept inducement, bribery, or compensation, be it momentary or any other form of reward in support of moving, editing or deleting a review.

17.3 Any acts deemed to be in the spirit of such behaviour will be considered by us to be a material breach of our Guidelines and appropriate action as we believe necessary will be taken, including suspending your account, profile or review.

18. Disclaimers & Liability

18.1 This Site or services, and content therein, are provided ‘As Is’, and we explicitly disclaim any and all warranties of fitness for any purpose. The Site or services may be modified, suspended, or discontinued at any time without notice, liability or explanation. We accept no liability and disclaim for third-party links and all content on our Site or services. We will not be held liable for any services available on our Site.

18.2 We shall not be held liable under any circumstances and civil proceeding (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) for the use of this Site or services.

18.3 We accept and make no warranties relating to content submitted by users on our Site or services. We may at any time carry out investigations and edit to our exclusive discretion any content submitted by users and if we deem such actions to be required in order to comply with UK law, a third-party request, or to be in compliance with any terms in these Guidelines.

18.4 Reviews, VoterScores and rankings on our Site or services should not be construed, and are not, an endorsement or support or opinion expressed by us of the particular content, user, politician or otherwise.

19. Termination

We may suspend or terminate your right to access, and the use of any services provided on our Site, for any reason, without explanation or liability. 

20. Enforcement

We reserve the right to enforce these Guidelines if we believe there to be a violation of the terms referred to herein or any laws or regulations in the UK or EU.

The laws of the UK govern all terms and relationships between you and Review Your Politician. Any disputes must be brought exclusively in a court or jurisdiction in England & Wales.

22. Severability
Should any terms within these Guidelines be found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it does not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms within these Guidelines.
23. Contact

If you would like to find out more about our Guidelines or Policy, and what we do to build trust in politics, please contact us at [email protected].


For editorial and press enquiries, see our Press page, or email [email protected]. For a list of common questions and information about our Site and services, see our FAQs page.


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24. Updates

This Policy is in effect and up-to-date as of 10th February 2020. We reserve the right to amend, without notice, these Guidelines. In the event of material changes to these Guidelines, we may notify you of such changes by email, or on our Site. Your agreement to use our Site or services constitutes an acceptance of our Guidelines and your responsibility to wholly comply with them.


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