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Every voter review is verified by our team, from day one. We give everyone a voice. Voters can share their rating and experiences, and politicians can respond to reviews. Show voters that you’re listening and care about their experiences. Claim your profile and our team will send regular email notifications with your latest rankings and VoterScore.


Additional Benefits

More than just a rating, your VoterScore signifies the level of support people have in you. Respond to reviews and stand out as trustworthy in the
eyes of your voters and everyone in politics. Turn voter feedback into future electoral support.

Improve VoterScore

Improve your VoterScore by responding to reviews and by campaigning on the political issues most important to your voters.

Social Sharing

Do you have a review you want to be showcased on Facebook, Twitter and email? We'll create an image that stands out on social media.

Re-Review Rankings

Using the performance data on your profile and after responding to reviews, improve your rankings by requesting a re-review of your VoterScore.

Review Analytics (Premium)

Access and download full statistics and data on your performance ratings from your voters and about the political issues most important to them.

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Review Your Politician

Our mission is to bring voters and politicians together to make
politics better for everyone.

350,000+ Reviews Submitted

350,000+ Reviews Submitted

Trusted by UK Voters & Politicians


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Review Your Politician is the UK’s #1 Political Review service, dedicated to empowering voters and politicians. We’re committed to being the most trusted political review platform in the world, built on allowing voters and politicians to have their voice heard.

Are you a Conservative Party, Labour Party, Liberal Democrat, SNP, Plaid Cymru, or an independent politician? Find out more about how you can show voters that you’re listening to their concerns and care about their experiences. Learn how to respond to reviews and questions.

Reply to Reviews


Respond to Reviews

Show your voters you care by responding to reviews and by campaigning on the political issues most important to them.


Review Analytics

Find out more on your performance
ratings from your voters and about the
political issues most important to them.

Tips for Politicians – Review Your Politician


Tips for Politicians

Find out how to authentically engage
with your voters, respond to reviews
and tips for electoral success.

About VoterScore – Review Your Politician


About VoterScore

Find out how we calculate the
VoterScore for politicians and how to
improve it on your profile.

Social Media Tools


Social Media Tools

Do you have a review you want to
showcase? We’ll create an attention-
grabbing image that stands out.

Review Invitation


Review Invitations

Increase the number of reviews for your
profile by sending friendly reminder emails
using our custom invitation template.

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Daily Updates

We carry out daily reviews, allowing people to make their voice heard on the issues that matter the most to them.

Like us on Facebook to keep updated and to view the latest rankings for UK politicians – MPs, MSPs, Councillors and AMs.


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