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Writing a review

We believe that giving you the chance to share your review on a politician helps to improve politics for everyone. Your review allows a politician to show that they care about the issues that matter the most to you. Your review will also help other voters make better-informed decisions when they decide to vote in an election. Politicians can also use your feedback to become better for all voters. Everyone wins when you write a review.


Tips for Voters

Our top tips to help you write a review and engage in a positive conversation with a politician.

Polite & Respectful

Rude and argumentative reviews could be viewed negatively by a politician, including by other voters. We recommend for reviews to take a calm, considered and helpful tone, even if you're expressing a negative experience. The more polite and respectful your review, the more willing the politician will be to engage with you to resolve your concerns.

Detailed, Specific & Helpful

The more detailed, specific and helpful you can be in your review, the more likely our team are to approve it. Detailed reviews help us know your review is not fake, that it'll be useful feedback to support a politician to respond and improve, and helpful for other voters. Write an honest review with all available facts, links and additional helpful information.


Reviews submitted on Review Your Politician should not contain personal information - names, phone numbers, email details or your postal address. When submitting your review, your personal information is only used for verification purposes and to combat fake reviews. This information is kept private from everyone, including politicians.


We want to deliver a high standard of quality for everyone. This means providing reviews that are readable, free from errors and typos. None of us are perfect. Before hitting the 'Submit' button, you should proofread it and ask yourself - "Is this the best and most accurate review I can send for everyone to read?"


As the saying goes, honesty is the best policy. Your review provides valuable feedback for politicians to learn from. Support your review with evidence and facts. A positive review is an endorsement that a politician is doing great work, and a negative review helps them to improve. Whichever it is, let honesty be at the heart of your comments.

Clear, Coherent & Concise

Increase the usefulness of your review by writing with clarity, and by segmenting the issues raised. For example, separate your personal positive or negative experience with a politician, from your other concerns on local issues. Separate your review into paragraphs and by topic, making it clear, concise and helpful for everyone.

Update Review

You can edit your review to reflect your latest opinion, or to write a new review if you have an updated experience with the politician. For example, submit a new review if the politician has resolved your concerns, or if you feel that you were unfair or incorrect at the time of sending the review and now wish to change it.

Correct Politician

It's always a good policy to double-check if you're submitting your review on the right politician. We've created a useful guide on who you should review. You're only permitted to submit a review on a politician in your local area. A review on a politician that is outside of the city you vote in will not be verified.

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600,000+ Reviews Submitted

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